About Us

The Teamsters Union improves the lives of workers just like us throughout the school bus industry. Want to learn more? This is a good place to start.

About Us

Founded in 1903, the Teamsters represent more than 1.4 million members throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

In 2006 our union kicked off a national organizing campaign to improve the lives of workers in the passenger transportation industry. Since then, we have come to represent more than 60,000 bus drivers, monitors, aides, attendants, mechanics, dispatchers and more all across North America. More Teamster members drive school buses than any other labor union in the country.

In June 2011, we won an unprecedented victory by successfully negotiating and ratifying a National Master Agreement (NMA) with the largest school bus company in the industry, First Student, Inc. The agreement was the first of its kind in the industry and we successfully secured many benefits that set the standard on protections and workplace rights. In 2018, we negotiated another master agreement with a major player in the school bus industry, North American Central Bus Company. In addition to these master agreements, our union has more than 500 local agreements with bus companies both large and small in the passenger transportation industry.

Current State of Affairs

As the Teamsters look to the future, we are working through the Carrying Our Future campaign to implement a winning approach to confronting issues that affect us and our passengers..

Our school districts, cities and counties are increasingly hiring large private contractors to provide passenger transportation for both school children and the general public. Since more of our tax dollars are going to these multinational corporations, we know how important it is to hold these companies accountable. Our Teamster contracts are important for protecting safety standards, training, upgrading equipment, proper staffing, and providing a decent quality of life for us and our families.

Teamsters like us are committed to making sure that as the people who are the backbone of this industry, we are given the respect and dignity that we deserve, and that the companies we work for abide by the highest standards.