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Sharon McCampbell

This national contract puts a whole new spin on everything. It’s the difference between day and night. It’s empowering and is one of the most important things we did for ourselves, our families, our co-workers and the bus workers who will come after us.

Sheron McCampbell, First Student driver, Grand Junction, Colorado

Having a union is about having a voice and not being afraid to express your opinion. Thanks to our Teamster contract, we now have our parking lot paved. We have lights in our parking lot. I believe the company never would have done that if it wasn’t for the Teamsters. Some people say these changes are because of OSHA. I think it’s because of the union that people had the courage to call OSHA in the first place.

Hazel Robinson, Cook-Illinois (RichLee Vans) driver, Aurora, Ill.
Lori Novak

We made Durham respect us. And we know that other Durham workers can and will do the same. I am confident that one day all of Durham will be union.

Lorraine Novak, Durham driver, Orange, California
Paula La-Sharron Love-Dunlap

I wanted a Teamster contract so no one else will have to go through what I went through. I lost my seniority due to medical and maternal leave and my pay rate was lowered, too. To everyone out there that is organizing, fight for your rights; don’t just accept what the company decides to give you!

Paula La-Sharron Love-Dunlap, Illinois School Bus driver
Thomas White

The Teamsters negotiate strong contracts, have knowledge of the school bus industry and answer my questions honestly. The Teamsters gave transparency to our workplace. Without reservation, I support the Teamsters Union.

Thomas White, Illinois Central School Bus, Mt. Prospect, Ill.