Our Fights

Whether it’s safer school busses or fighting wage theft, our union is on the front lines, winning on the issues that affect school bus workers the most.

Keeping Drivers & Their Passengers Safe

Too often we are put at risk because companies take dangerous shortcuts, to say nothing of the children we transport. Vehicles aren’t always maintained in safe, working condition. Drivers and monitors aren’t given proper training or enough information about the passengers in their care. We believe that the best way to improve our safety is to have a powerful voice and protection through a Teamster contract.

As Teamster members we are protected and we can speak freely about our safety concerns. As Teamster members we can negotiate contract provisions that hold our employers to a higher standard when it comes to safe working conditions. As Teamster members we have access to information about the laws and standards that help protect passenger safety, and as Teamster members we are part of a nationwide network dedicated to bus safety.The best way to protect passengers and hold employers accountable for safety is by forming a union with the Teamsters.

The first step to improving safety standards at your workplace is by identifying the problem. Fill out the Teamsters Bus Safety Survey to share your safety experiences. The survey is confidential and will be used to help us better serve the members, passengers and communities we serve. Contact us with your questions or concerns.

Are you working under unsafe working conditions? The Teamsters want to know so that we can have your back in fighting to hold employers accountable. Share your story here.