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By Courtney Bell, Teamsters Local 777 Business Agent, Lyons, Ill.

Nance Prendota, a Teamsters Local 777 school bus driver for Illinois Central School Bus in Aurora, Ill., woke up to a house fire in mid-January. The fire destroyed everything in its path.

Nance, her husband and their two sons were inside the family’s mobile home when disaster struck. Nance and her family were in bed when they saw the glow in the hallway. Nance’s husband, Brian, tried fighting the fire himself, and ended up with severe burns on two-thirds of his body. He is currently at Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, where he is being treated for burns and smoke inhalation.

Teamsters Local 777 reached out to Teamsters International Union organizers in the Aurora area for their help. In just days, staff organizers (and former school bus drivers) Shelley Goodman and Dean Phinney collected 14 nights worth of points at the Hampton Inn from their colleagues, so that Nance and her family would have a place to stay. Money has also been donated to Nance and her family for travel to and from the hospital to visit Brian.

The Teamsters are a family; we support one another. We are resilient, strong and overcome the challenges we face in life. A BIG thanks to all the International Brotherhood of Teamsters organizers for reaching out a helping hand during this Teamster’s time of need.

*Nance is pictured left, with her shop steward, Darlene Gonzalez.