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Teamsters Join Community Leaders, Shareholders In Calling For Independent Monitoring Program At National Express AGM

(LONDON) – Today, the Teamsters Union and other institutional shareholders, along with community, faith and global labor representatives spoke at the National Express Group (NEX: LON) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London. They spoke in support of an independent monitoring program at the company’s U.S. school bus subsidiary, Durham School Services.

’Mind the Gap’ for School Bus Workers at National Express

“I’m here to support Resolution 22 and ask shareholders for their serious consideration. This is about children on buses. This is about their safety. It’s about their sense of well -being as well as that of the workers themselves.

NAACP Leader, Member Of Parliment Meet To Discuss Human Rights Concerns At National Express Group

(LONDON) – Doreen Lawrence, Baroness of Clarendon and a member of Britain’s House of Lords, met today with Dot Scott, president of the Charleston, S.C., chapter of the NAACP, on issues concerning civil rights, human rights and workplace conditions at Durham School Services in the United States. Durham is the school bus subsidiary of United Kingdom-based National Express Group PLC (NEX: LON) and the second-largest school bus transportation company in the U.S.

Teamsters Applaud Report By Members Of Parliament On Conditions At National Express Group PLC

(WASHINGTON) – A report released today by two Members of United Kingdom’s Parliament, Ian Lavery and Jim Sheridan, reveals serious labor rights violations at National Express Group PLC (LON: NEX) operations in the United States. The report’s recommendations support a Teamster-sponsored shareholder resolution that will be voted on at the company’s annual general meeting of shareholders on May 6 in London.

First Transit Workers At Auburn University Choose Teamsters Local 612

(BIRMINGHAM, Ala.) – Drivers and mechanics with First Transit in Auburn, Ala., have voted by an overwhelming 3-1 margin in favor of Teamsters representation. The 116 workers, who provide transportation services for students at Auburn University, chose to join Teamsters Local 612 in Birmingham, Ala., seeking respect, fair pay and improved working conditions.

Two Years and Still Hanging On Strong In Santa Rosa County

School bus workers in Santa Rosa County, Fla., gathered Saturday to mark the two-year anniversary of their vote to join Teamsters Local 991 in Mobile, Ala. Although a joyous afternoon for workers and their families, the event was also a somber reminder of the ongoing struggle in the fight to obtain union recognition. Read more, here.