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Top 10 Back To School Tips

Here are some back to school driving tips from Vera Nowling-Driggers, a school bus driver and Teamsters Local 991 member in Santa  Rosa County, Fla.

MV Transportation Organizing

We are MV Transportation drivers, working together to form our union with Teamsters Local 890 in Salinas, Calif. Our mail-in vote will be counted on August 27. We thank all Teamsters, including Teamster bus drivers, for your solidarity and support!

Share Your Story

What does it take to drive children safely to school? What standout experiences have you had in your job? Why are you proud to be a Teamster? Share your story and it might make it onto this website. Email us at

Teamsters Take On National Express

Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa recently led a delegation of North American school bus workers, as they brought their fight for workers’ rights to the United Kingdom. Watch the video here.