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Two Years and Still Hanging On Strong In Santa Rosa County

School bus workers in Santa Rosa County, Fla., gathered Saturday to mark the two-year anniversary of their vote to join Teamsters Local 991 in Mobile, Ala. Although a joyous afternoon for workers and their families, the event was also a somber reminder of the ongoing struggle in the fight to obtain union recognition. Read more, here.

Members Of Parliament Join Teamsters At Memphis School Bus Community Forum

(MEMPHIS, Tenn.) – Teamster school bus drivers and monitors with Durham School Services were joined by members of the British Parliament, labor and faith leaders, community members and Teamsters representatives Wednesday night at a community forum on the state of Shelby County, Tenn., student transportation.

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British Members Of Parliament Join Teamster School Bus Workers At Community Forum

(CHARLESTON, S.C.) – Teamster school bus drivers and monitors were joined by members of the British Parliament, parents, community, political and faith leaders, as well as representatives from Teamsters Local 509 at tonight’s Community Forum on School Bus Transportation, hosted by S.C. state representatives Wendell Gilliard and David Mack.

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Congratulations, Martin Murphy!

Martin Murphy, a bus driver from the United Kingdom, recently brought a message of global solidarity to the United States. Murphy is the recipient of 2014 Steve Edwards Award. Read more here.

You Have Rights, Weingarten Rights!

Stop! Do not enter that supervisor’s office without first speaking with your union steward about your rights.

Teamsters Stand In Solidarity With London Bus Workers

The Teamsters Union fully supports its sister union, Unite the Union, and the more than 27,000 London bus workers taking part in a 24-hour strike today to end unfair pay disparities at 18 of the city’s bus companies. The workers are seeking a single agreement covering their pay, terms and conditions.